With summer in full swing, concert season is about to start! This means late night with friends, great music, and the constant struggle to find parking. Not to mention remembering where you parked after the concert is over! Instead of wasting time driving in circles at a parking lot, let Pulse do all the driving for you. With our party buses in Rochester, NY we have plenty of options based on where you need to go. While some of your friends will listen to Siri direct them to the concert, you could be jamming in Pulse’s party buses listening to your music and having a mini-concert before the concert.


Why Chose Pulse?

Pulse has plenty of options regarding party buses in Rochester, NY. Some of the perks for choosing Pulse are:

  • Easy drop off and pick up coordination

  • No parking hassle

  • Listen to your own music in party buses

  • Safe and certified drivers

  • Less time wasted on driving

  • Accommodate 2-36 people

  • Bathroom onboard

  • Eco-friendlier option compared to driving


Our certified drivers prioritize safety with transporting you and your friends. No matter how wild the party or concert becomes, you can always trust Pulse to take you where you need to go. In addition, parking lots are notorious for being the causes of accidents and bumper to bumper traffic--especially at concerts. Pulse’s party bus drivers are always prepared to focus on you and your party’s safety, so you can enjoy the night to the fullest.

Upcoming Concerts

It doesn’t matter if you are going to every concert or still deciding which is right for you and your friends, Pulse will take you there. With over 140 concerts in the Rochester and Syracuse area this summer, it might be hard to coordinate--not to mention all of the gas you could waste. With all of our party buses in Rochester, NY, Pulse makes it easy and efficient to plan your next outing with friends. Popular concerts and musical festivals our party buses are prepared to drive you and your crew include:

  • June 17th: Paramore with Foster of the People

  • June 21st: Andy Grammer

  • July 7th: Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

  • July 8th: Keith Urban

  • July 18th: Janet Jackson

  • July 19th: Grassroot Music Festival

  • Aug. 17th: Luke Bryan

  • Aug. 17th: Blake Shelton

Planning Your Next Concert

Our party buses in Rochester, NY are prepared to go to any venue in the western New York area. We will take you to popular venues like Darien Lake Amphitheatre, CMAC, and Lakeview Amphitheater. Once you know which concert and venue you are planning on attending, sign up for a free quote on Pulse’s website. From there, you can choose how many people will be partying with you, drop off and pickup times, and the best pricing options for you and your crew will be delivered as soon as possible so you can start planning your next outing. Chose Pulse for a better concert experience!