It’s officially time to get in the holiday spirit here in Western, NY! And you or someone close to you probably has a birthday in December, and that’s where we come in. Make your birthday one that you and your friends will never forget by celebrating in one of our fully loaded party busses in Rochester, NY. Whether you want to take a trip to the casinos or spend a night out on the town, we want to make it comfortable, fun, and safe for you and your guests. Our fleet can fit up to 32 passengers so you never have to worry about not having enough room. Whatever the plans, big or small, we have exactly what you need for your birthday transportation needs. Birthdays are only once a year, so why not have fun in a Pulse Limo party bus in Rochester, NY for your special day?

Here are the best reasons why you want a party bus in Rochester, NY for your night out.

1. Designated Driver For The Night

It’s smart to be thinking about how you and your friends will get home at the end of the night. With a party bus in Rochester, NY from Pulse Limos there are no such worries. Enjoy the night with our a care or thought of how you’ll be getting home, you job is to have fun! Once the party is over, our professional chauffeurs will transport you home safe and sound!

2. Convenience

If you have more than 10 friends going out with you, it’s annoying to communicate the travel and who’s calling cabs/Ubers etc. It’s frustrating and can get expensive when rates are increased at busy times. But with a party bus in Rochester, NY all these inconveniences are gone. You all get on one bus and travel to all your destinations without any hardships. A party bus in Rochester, NY will pick you at your preferred location and take you to every spot you desire; whether its a bar, restaurant, event or any other destinations across Rochester, NY

3. Keep The Party Together

On your birthday, the last thing you need to do is worry about everyone else. Trying to track down missing people, how will someone know where to find us, so and so is not answering their phone, it’s a headache. Hiring a party bus in Rochester, NY allows the whole group to travel together and make sure everyone is accounted for.

Here at Pulse Limos of WNY we want to make sure you have a fun, comfortable, and safe drive no matter what the occasion. Our trusted drivers and party busses will make sure you and your friends have a worry-free time going to any stops on your trip.