Red Wings Games

If you are not a Red Wings fan, are you really from Rochester? Although one’s baseball association isn’t the true test of being a local, upstate residents know that attending a Rochester Red Wings game is a summer staple. Having the opportunity to support your favorite team alongside friends and families are irreplaceable experiences every Rochester fan can’t deny. Finally, it’s that time of year again.


There are still plenty of games to see before the season is over! Check upcoming dates for when to see your favorite team play:

  • Tuesday, July 31 – 7:05 PM
  • Wednesday, August 1 – 7:05 PM
  • Thursday, August 2 – 12:35 PM
  • Tuesday, August 7 – 7:05 PM
  • Wednesday, August 8 – 7:05 PM
  • Thursday, August 9 – 7:05 PM
  • Friday, August 10 – 7:05 PM
  • Saturday, August 11 – 7:05 PM
  • Sunday, August 12 – 7:05 PM
  • Tuesday, August 21 – 7:05 PM
  • Wednesday, August 22 – 7:05 PM
  • Thursday, August 23 – 7:05 PM

A Scheduling Nightmare

What’s worse than trying to coordinate all your families and friends’ schedule while figuring out carpool arrangements AND getting to the game on time to get good seats where everyone can sit next to each other? Not to mention all the traffic and parking hassles? This fun seasonal activity can quickly turn into a scheduling nightmare for upstate fans. For this summer, there’s no need to worry; at Pulse, we provide an easy solution to this headache by providing party buses in Rochester, NY for any Red Wing’s fan.

How Pulse Can Help

Want to give your family and friends a summer memory they won’t forget? Rent Pulse’s party buses in Rochester, NY! Our buses are capable of holding up to 36 people of your crew inside our private air-conditioned party buses. In addition, riders can plug their music into the speakers transforming a boring bus ride into a party vibe. Worried about parking and pick up times? No need! We will work around your schedule and those riding with you to assure your party reaches the game as fast as possible. When it comes to parking, there’s no need to worry. After you are dropped off, you will be able to request a pickup time ensuring your family’s safe arrival home without violating any bedtime restrictions for the little ones. No matter the number or who attends the Red Wing’s games with you, Pulse is here for you.

Contact Pulse Today

Think Pulse is the right option for you and your crew? Get a free quote today and start planning your next Red Wings experience with our party buses in Rochester, NY. Spend less time scheduling and more time supporting your team!