Ride in style in one of our limos or limo buses! Whether you are in Rochester, Buffalo, or Syracuse, NY, we offer affordability and safety when you book with us. With wedding season fast approaching, we want to offer you some pointers to booking transportation for your big day and night. We want to help make your wedding everything you ever dreamed and more! Here is what you should keep in mind when searching for transportation for that special day:


Book in Advance

If you haven’t booked yet for your wedding, get on it! With prom and graduation in May and June, luxury transportation is in high demand. We would recommend booking six months prior to your big day. This will leave you with enough time to have several limo and limo bus options.


Have a Budget in Mind

We know how costly weddings can be, from the venue to a beautiful wedding gown, so make sure to set a budget for EVERYTHING. Wedding day transportation is no exception. Our prices change based on the size of the limo or limo bus, amount of time you need us, and traveling distance, so keep this in mind when budgeting. Which brings us to our next tip…


Create a Timeline

Map out your day and stick to it! We need to know an accurate amount of places and for how long you will be stopping at in advance so we can provide you with a smooth ride. If you are having trouble figuring out how much time is needed for pictures, ask your photographer. Be sure to include extra time before and after in case there are any setbacks (such as pictures taking longer than expected). While you’re at it, send your itinerary to us so we can be prepared and help to make your day run smoothly.


Help Out Your Guests

Consider transportation for your guests, especially your bridal party and the out-of-towners who aren’t familiar with the area. We would suggest transportation for out-of-town guests to the reception venue and back to the hotel. Having your reception at a hotel may give you one less thing to worry about, but when it comes to your bridal party, bring them in on the fun! They have worked hard and spent money to be a part of your big day, so make it a gift to them to be able to celebrate on your limo bus and enjoy all the fun things it has to offer!


Be Your Own D.J.

Make a playlist for the day of. From throwback jams to the songs you can’t sing unless you belt them out, our limos and limo buses have the tools necessary to set whatever mood you want. All limos and limo buses in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY come equipped with club-style sound systems, iPod docks, flat screen TV’s, and lights, turn your limo bus into a party bus! 

We hope these tips make your booking experience simple and worry-free. No matter the occasion, we are here to help you ride in style. Reserve your limo or limo bus today, servicing Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY.